More than 25 years on the market

Welcome to our website where you can find goodquality furniture and accessories for your home and office.
We normally have a wide range of furniture in various styles — from mid -century and bauhaus to classic and art deco. We also make furniture to your requirements, including shelf units, tables, seating and storage, from salvaged and recycled materials.
Many factors influence the range and availability of our stock and we have a high turnover, many items sell before they reach the site but if there is something in particular you are looking for let us know.
We understand that your convenience is important and try to make purchasing from us as easy as possible. This is achieved by offering high-quality goods in various price ranges and a conscientous approach to detail.

Low prices

We work directly with suppliers taking care to get the keenest prices for materials

Great selection

We try to find interesting items that we would want for ourselves

Best service

We pay special attention to delivery, and punctuality


If we can find a way to supply what you require we will
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